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- The Other Coaching

Situational Analysis, Coaching and New Perspectives

- Do you need a break to gather new strenght and to find impulses for your life?
- Are you undertaking a sabbatical to discover your potential and to engage with your personal development?
- Are you looking for a better focus in your professional life and are you getting rid of old believes?
- Do you have a crazy idea that requires a deeper analysis?

Syntropia supports your personal development in every situation. We offer coaching in Zurich or during a retreat.

The OTher Coaching

Who am I and what should I do with my life? Where do I stand at this point? Am I leading the life I want? What are the guiding criteria that shape my decisions? What adds meaning to my life? - "Other" means, that we always examine the whole range of these questions.



One week in a dialogue with yourself,
to reflect on personal issues
in Galaxidi/Delphi (Greece)
in company of a coach
for individuals, couples or groups.



A one week assessment, letting go and change of perspective on foot on the way from Florence to Siena/Italy accompanied by a coach. - Create distance, gather strength, develop your courage and confidence to undertake a new journey.


Desert Magic

7 days on foot or on the back of a camel across the Moroccan desert. A journey into self-discovery. A retreat from your routine: Silence - Wonder - Gathering strength - Increasing clarity in company of a coach.

From the Pedestral unto your Feet - Book

The book "From the Pedestal unto your Feet" talks about questions that we all need to address in one way or the other. Why am I doing all of this? What is meaning of success and recognition? How do I find Happyends and satisfaction? What is happiness anyway? What are my expectations for the future? How do I deal with disappointment? What is the meaning of my life and what are implications for my daily routine derive from that?

Syntropia works with experienced and certified coaches, each of whom has a track record of many years in consulting individuals and companies.


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